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Greater Manchester Youth Theatre Network Meeting

We will be hosting the next meeting of the Greater Manchester Youth Theatre Network on Monday 18th May from 10.30am – 12.30pm here at the Library Theatre. If you work creating theatre with young people this is the perfect opportunity to meet other people who are delivering similar work… The biscuits are normally good as well.

If you’d like to join us for the meeting or be added to the very informative and active mailing list just drop us a line.


Looking For Young Actors

Fugee by Abi Morgan

The Library Theatre Company are currently looking for 3 young actors to join our young people’s theatre company. The company is for people aged 15 – 18 who would like to develop their skills as a performer within a professional theatre environment. The company produce two shows a year at the Library Theatre and also take part in weekly workshops where they have the opportunity to work with professionals from the industry to develop their craft and technique as an actor

We are looking for three young people aged 15-18 who live within the City of Manchester. They need to be able to show a commitment to develop their skills and the ability to attend rehearsls every Wednesday evening and every day from 21st July to 7th August.

This company is now recognised as creating some of the best theatre by and for young people in the country making it an excellent opportunit for anyone who wants to get involved.

For further information give us a ring on 016 234 1922.